A.S.4.Less Window Tinting

We have a wide variety of Commercial & Residential Window tinting films.



Commercial Tinting:

If you own a commercial building one of your main concerns is probably energy consumption. And the largest source of electricity consumption in the great majority of South Florida commercial buildings is air conditioning. Managing the indoor temperature of your building is virtually the only way to save money on your electric bill.

A.S.4.Less Window Tinters carries window films designed to reduce heat transfer through your windows. This works to lower the interior temperature of your building and allow your air conditioning system to run less often while maintaining the desired indoor temperature.





The Appropriate Solution for Your Building

Not every building requires the same type of window tinting. Many different film options are available, each with a specific purpose. Pricing varies greatly from option to option as well. A member of our team will meet you at your property to determine the best solution based on your building needs and budget.

At A.S.4.Less Window Tinters we pride ourselves in providing the best service at the best price while never compromising the quality of our products or installations.



Buildings we Serve

Professional Window Tinters provides window tinting services for all kinds of commercial buildings throughout the Miami-Dade area and beyond. Some of the buildings we serve include:

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centers

  • Car dealerships

  • Government buildings

  • Hotels

  • High-rise condominiums

  • And more...



3M Solar-Control Window Film

  • Reduce energy costs and minimize hot spots in the building.

  • Increase tenant comfort by reducing the amount of heat entering through glass.

  • Reduce glare on computer screens.




Prestige Series

  • The ultimate in high technology, offering clear-film technology with outstanding heat rejection to create the perfect film for your office.

  • Designed not to change the appearance of your business.

  • Clear to lightly tinted, allows up to 70 percent of the visible light through your windows.

  • Rejects up to 60 percent of the heat coming through your windows.

  • Reflectivity that's actually lower than glass.





Night Vision Series

  • Dual reflective technology provides daytime privacy while allowing easier viewing outside at night.

  • Allows up to 35 percent of the visible light through your windows.

  • Rejects up to 71 percent of the heat coming through your windows.

  • Additional tint provides excellent heat rejection and offers the best glare reduction.





Traditional Series

  • Reflective films with high heat reduction.

  • Cost-effective, large savings on electric bills.





3M Daylight Redirecting Film

New to the world of 3M, Daylight Redirecting Film utilizes micro-replication to redirect light that would have originally hit the floor a few feet from the window up onto the ceiling, helping to light the room as deep as 40 feet from the window. The technology "micro-replication" refers to microscopic structures that are able to redirect as much as 80 percent of light up onto the ceiling, providing more natural light, which has been linked to increased productivity and purchasing behavior, as well as helping to reduce your dependence on electric lighting.





Fasara Decorative Films

  • Fasara films can transform plain glass to a frosted or textured surface with light entering the room.

  • Designs can be achieved with different patterns, such as logos, seals, etc.

  • They are mainly used for privacy in conference rooms, lobbies, private offices, partitions and residential settings.









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