Commercial Landscaping

Landscape Construction
Our landscape team can execute your project from the ground up. From trees and palms to shrubs and ground cover, we will transform your property into an inviting, professional space. We provide custom installation based on your design and budget.


Irrigation is essential for maintaining the beauty and health of your landscape. Our experts will design and install an irrigation system tailored to your needs. We also repair existing systems.


Lawn Care and Maintenance
A.S.4.Less Landscaping has been servicing South Florida commercial properties for eight years. We take pride in keeping your grounds looking professional and inviting. Our services include: lawn maintenance and lawn care, shrub and tree removal, sodding, seeding, mulch, aeration, planting, fertilizing, fall/spring cleanup, hedge trimming, weed control, tree service.


A.S.4.Less Landscaping professional attention to your landscape also includes fumigation services. From spray fertilizers to insecticides, we can provide treatments which include weed, disease and pest control.

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