A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services has many years of landscaping experience in the South Florida area. Our mission is to work closely with our clients in creating a unique, and custom outdoor living space that meets and exceeds our customers' expectations. 


We have the experience and we are committed to providing quality workmanship and superior customer service on all our applications. A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services, we strive to maintain our reputation as a high quality, very service oriented company with our main focus being customer satisfaction.


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As4less.com | Landscape Design 2

As4less.com | Landscape Design 2

As4less.com | Rock & Mulch Landscape

As4less.com | Rock & Mulch Landscape

As4less.com | Beautiful landscape

As4less.com | Beautiful landscape

As4less.com | House landscape 3

As4less.com | House landscape 3

As4less.com | Pathway landscape

As4less.com | Pathway landscape


If you have a vision, A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services can make it come to life! If you do not yet have a vision, our designers can create one. A design plan should take into consideration many different factors:

  • The direction of sun exposure

  • Long-term growth

  • Proximity to structures

  • Color

  • Contrast

  • Texture

  • Need for privacy


These are just to name a few. After 8 plus years of active landscape design in South Florida, we are confident A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services can create and implement a beautiful, personalized design for you.



Proper installation of plants and trees is critical. Preparation of space, supplementation of soil, and awareness of underground utilities are factors to consider. A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services offers specialized equipment and experienced handlers that ensure the protection of your property and investment.



Landscape maintenance requires attention to detail! Understanding growth habits, pruning techniques, water delivery systems, and nutritional needs are just some of the factors A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services considers when providing maintenance. Whether for a one-time visit or a long-term program, our team can fulfill your needs.


Specialized Services

A.S.4.Less Landscaping Services is equipped and experienced to provide emergency relief services, storm damage assistance, debris removal, lot clearing, construction clean-up, and other customized services.


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As4less.com | Beautiful landscape

A modern landscape design with river rocks. Palms and bushes cut with geometry designs bring a new look to this beautiful house.

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