A.S.4.Less Irrigation, Sprinkler, and Maintenance Services

Specializing in the maintenance and repair of residential irrigation systems in South Florida



Services Overview

Sprinkler tune-up - system inspection and adjustment.  Visit our Sprinkler Tune-Up page.


Maintenance of sprinkler systems - we will take care of your system.  Visit our Maintenance Agreements page.


Repair and replacement of irrigation systems - we can repair or replace any part of your sprinkler system.


Alteration of existing irrigation systems - move or add a sprinkler, add an entirely new zone etc.


New lanai or pool - cutting & capping pipes before construction, then rebuilding the system afterward.


Mark-out for a new fence - marking out the sprinklers, their feed pipes, mainline pipe, & wires.


Power washing drives - only in September & October - so the drive will stay clean most of the year.



Work Ethic and Warranty

We work hard and take care to provide you with high-quality services that are personalized to your needs.  We will find the best solutions for you.


We have set prices for almost all irrigation maintenance and repair issues.  Visit our Price List page.  If something is not on our price list, we will estimate a price for it.  You will know the full cost up-front, (which includes repairs up to this amount) - no other charges.  No mileage chargesNo overtime rates.  No - other - charges.


We only fix what needs fixing - and that's all you pay for.  We do not replace an entire sprinkler control valve (expensive) when the problem is with one of its replaceable parts (e.g. diaphragm or solenoid).


We repair your sprinkler system using the same brand of parts already in it or use better parts.


We use Schedule 40 (thick wall) PVC pipe & fittings on all our work - not thin wall pipe that cracks due to roots etc.


Our work comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.  This is in writing on every estimate, invoice, and receipt.  If there is any problem with your system due to our parts or labor under warranty - we will fix it for free.


We care about having happy customers who want to stay with us - and tell others about us.


Have an issue?  Please contact us!  Sometimes things don't go they way they should - but we will put it right.

After all - it's the putting right that counts!


If you have any questions about our services - please Contact Us.





A.S.4.Less Irrigation

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