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    Basic Maintenance Services                                                         Premium Maintenance Services


FROM $60.00 Monthly

- Add Correct Chemicals to Sanitize and   Balance Water Weekly

- Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets

- Perform a Visual Inspection of   Equipment

- Filter Cleaning as Needed

From $90.00 Monthly

- Add Correct Chemicals to Sanitize   and Balance Water Weekly

- Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets

- Perform a Visual Inspection of   Equipment

- Filter Cleaning as Needed

- Walls Brushed When Needed

- Perform a Visual Inspection of   Equipment

- Net Pool of Any Debris

- Vacuum Pool Weekly

Additional Service





For a spectacular pool finish that is pleasing to the eye, choose from a variety of colors and textures that reflect the water and general surroundings in unique ways. Our specialists will guide you to ensure that your pool is the “diamond” in your neighborhood. We are SGM approved installers of Diamond Brite products.




If you are having to add water more often than you can remember in the past, chances are, you have a leak. It is common for people to go weeks or even months in denial thinking that it’s “just evaporation”. This is normal, but unfortunately it’s usually a leak. Losing water is expensive! It cost not only the replacement of the water, but also the lost chemicals. We offer reliable and accurate leak detection service, providing equipment that enables our specialist to find pool leaks fast and effectively (90 Day Warranty on repairs).




Like any large appliance in your home, your pool equipment is designed to provide you with years of continuous use. However, even with regularly scheduled maintenance of your pool or spa’s equipment, it may eventually break down. Fortunately, when this does happen we are able to fix repair or replace your pool equipment fast and reliably at very competitive rates.



NOTICE: Please take into consideration that for commercial pools the prices will be a different rate, depending on the size and additional visits required to maintain. Prices above are based on a weekly service for an average sized pool.




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